Audits and Verification

We believe that auditing is a powerful management tool which can be used to effectively challenge standards, verify whether a subject which is believed to be under control can still be improved, challenge peoples attitudes, support improvement programmes and lead to positive and sustainable change in business performance.

This can only be achieved by auditors with the right combination of experience, technical knowledge, auditing skills and a practical understanding of how to identify the root causes of problems and recommend effective solutions.

We are able to offer a range of auditing including audits against recognised protocols such as the BRC Global Standard* and specific retail customer requirements. Often however, we provide a more targeted approach by auditing a specific subject related to a current problem or supporting internal audit programmes with an independent external view of standards.

(*We provide support with implementing Quality Systems to meet the BRC Global Standard as well as assistance with pre audit preparation. As we do not perform the accreditation audits, we can therefore offer hands on advice and support without a conflict of interest).