How We Can Help

We provide reliable support and solutions, including helping clients deliver change and improvement programmes to fulfill business objectives such as the introduction of new customers, carrying out training and coaching, providing outsourced help with supplier audit programmes, delivering internal audit programmes as well as being a source of sound knowledge and expertise. We work with our clients flexibly to deliver solutions that specifically meet their requirements – our support ranges from short one off pieces of work to longer-term projects where we build ongoing relationships with clients.

To develop improvement strategies alongside the day job can require additional support and expertise. We offer and deliver this in an intuitive and integrated manner to effectively reflect and support business priorities.

Quality and hygiene issues are costly and negatively impact on efficiency, profit margins and customer confidence. Our expertise can provide a fresh insight, diagnose weaknesses and their root causes, and through wide experience of industry best practice, help to develop tailor made solutions, find out more.

Adding to the above are other operational challenges where good quality and trusted external help can be invaluable. This can include challenges with: training, trouble shooting, factory projects and expansion plans, preparation for third party audits and accreditation, supplier management, raw material and finished product specifications, allergen risk assessment and management, quality system development, internal audits, HACCP, vacancies in key technical or operational positions, Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (TACCP)/Product Integrity Management.