Julia Pepler (Banks) - Food Integrity Consulting

Julia Pepler (Banks) is the founder and one of the Directors of Food Integrity Consulting. She has worked in the food industry for 21 years and has become an accomplished provider of specialist and tailor made expertise to clients in the food manufacturing, packaging, retail and food service sectors.

After graduating in 1992, Julia spent a brief period as a practicing Environmental Health Officer, and then moved into consultancy for two years, specialising in the food service sector. In 1996 she joined Marks and Spencer as an Auditor, and spent 7 years there during which time she also developed expertise in food allergens and took on responsibilities for setting and monitoring standards in retail operations.

Julia founded Food Integrity Consulting in 2002, following the birth of her daughter. The scope of her activity at Food Integrity Consulting has included providing targeted help with specific challenges, to setting and keeping track of large multidisciplinary agendas. Her key skills are summarised as follows: